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About the Book

Elsimore has a very important dilemma to resolve! She is a fourth grader who is about to go on a class trip and is absolutely terrified! She has committed to going and thinks she wants to go, but the trip is tomorrow and she is freaking out! Elsimore’s anxiety is a whirlwind that threatens to spin both her, and her mother, out of control.


As her readers, we can see that she has clearly learned some ideas about how to manage anxiety, but the question is will she use them, and will she use them in time to help her get where she needs to go? Her mother is very anxious, too, and needs to use her own skills to cope as well as manage her reactions to Elsimore.  Between the two of them, they can make themselves and each other feel a lot better, or a whole lot worse.


Readers can hear Elsimore’s thoughts, her mom’s thoughts, and the author’s thoughts. The author, Victoria Wiley, gets anxious too and wants to help both Elsimore and mom. In a weird turn of events, both Elsimore and mom can hear their author, although they are not quite sure where these new thoughts are coming from.


With Elsimore, mom, and Victoria Wiley all working together, Elsimore may be able to get herself to go on this trip- but we’ll have to read along and wait to see what skills they use and how it all works out!


About the Author


Dr. Weesner is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked therapeutically with kids, adolescents, and families for over 30 years. She has worked in a variety of settings including private practice with kids, adolescents, adults, families and couples. She currently works as a clinical director and family therapist with patients experiencing eating disorders. As a child and family therapist, she helps kids and their parents understand themselves and one another. She finds that the use of metaphor and story telling helps enhance her work. She enjoys writing to help others learn in creative and interesting ways. Dr. Weesner lives with her husband and their two miniature schnauzers. Her adult daughters are off on their own adventures, each with their own dog. Their voices and personalities can be found in some of Elsimore’s friends. They have shared their wisdom and insight along the way, which is very much appreciated!

Elsimore's Anxiety

We will reach out once the book is out and ready to be shipped!

    Jill, IN

    “ As a parent of a teenager who experienced Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), I wish that we had had access to a resource such as Bridge the Food Gap.   It is a comprehensive look at ARFID in an easy to read format.  Being able to record thoughts and feelings and answer questions gives those experiencing this disorder a chance to look at what they're going through in a more enlightened way.  It gives them the opportunity to conquer those things that are holding them back from enjoying food with a healthy mindset.


    It's an invaluable resource for anyone going through ARIFD!  I highly recommend it!” 

    Jaime L. Taylor, DO MS FAAFP

    As a physician specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, I know how difficult it is for patients with Avoidant and Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), and their families, to walk the road of recovery. It can be an isolating and lonely road to travel. You may feel lost and overwhelmed and may even struggle to know where to begin. But Amanda and Valerie have built the most amazing bridge to help you. Through this workbook, you will learn your starting point and will gather invaluable information about where you are going. Amanda and Valerie have artfully created a map that is manageable to follow and is equipped with check-in points to ensure you do not get lost on your journey. They have packed the workbook with tips and tools to make your road less bumpy and to get you to your destination smoothly. And most amazingly, they have created a guide that is applicable for all who are finding their way through ARFID regardless of age or severity. I cannot wait to use this workbook with patients and their families to bridge the time between our visits allowing me to walk next to them each and every step of the way.

    Michelle Mannia, PsyD, HSPP, CEDS-S

    “Bridge the Food Gap” meets an important need for individuals struggling with ARFID and those who support them.  It is an approachable, user-friendly guide to understanding relationships with food and how to make changes.  Dr. Weesner and Amanda use their vast clinical expertise to guide the reader through key aspects of comprehending and treating ARFID.  They provide examples and activities that are helpful for the whole treatment team and describe an effective approach that can be used by clients, dietitians, physicians, and therapists.  “Bridge the Food Gap” is a must-have for clinicians and for individuals wanting to make changes to their relationship with food!

    Jenny Anttonen MS, RD, LD

    "Bridge the Food Gap" is a much-needed, compassionate, and practical resource guide on how to best support someone with ARFID!  Amanda and Dr. Weesner's down-to-earth approach and real-world experience is very apparent which makes this book useful for clinicians and for someone in need of a self-help starter. Highlighting the importance of collaboration between the registered dietitian and therapist, they provide bountiful education, clinical examples, worksheets, and information on how to apply their knowledge to practice!
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